12 MAY. 2005:
_Finally the Typo5 FONT LIBRARY is for sale online!.
You can get it at myfonts.com
They are available for purchase since just a few days ago and are already bestsellers =).

With over 215 characters each font, they became a classic collection for grunge and script fonts.

29 NOVEMBER. 2004:
_Selected by Axis as one of the top 100 colombian designers. hmm, is that any good?.
Preparing a solo exhibition with the french embassy in Bogotá.

28 SEPTEMBER. 2004:

_The new K2snowboards site is up!. you can check Nemesis and Skyla wich i designed for them for 04/05 season.
Also, 2 more lines were designed for their 2005/06 season, and they are being already produced!.
Mean time working on more motion projects, with Lowe.
Finished a set of illustrations with Paola for Subaru.

25 AUGUST. 2004:
_the Rethink Redesign Reconstruck Book is out in stores now!. go get yours. Its was a truly interesting book to be part of. The project was planned by Plinko.
Also check for the Typo-graphics book published by Rotovision and edited by Ivan Vartanian for a nice feature of my work.

19 JULY. 2004:
_We are at Barcelona after long journey in train from Paris. We met the guys of Vasava and No-domain they have terrific work!.

04 JULY. 2004:
_packing bags to Italy, im going to Fabrica from benetton!!! wohooo.
This is because i won the Benetton award in the CDCC, surpassing more than 5.000 designs from every corner in the world!. Its great to have your own work judged by artists likeTomato and to be able to have their feedback.
After Italy, i will be heading to see my girlfriend in Belgium and check some design studios in Europe.

14 JANUARY. 2004:
working in motion/tv and print projects.
previews will be posted.

25 OCTOBER. 2003:
_finished the identity and posters for the RAD exhibition at the MAMBO (museum of modern art of Bogotá)

AUGUST. 2003:
_finished 2 snowboards lines for K2, and 1 for Morrow.
Finished the website for Img. films
_i interviewed to Miika Saksi. check it in the interview sections at surfstation.

give us the super cool hosting.
Surfstation, the sexiest design ezine.
Marmota Inc. upcoming.

Im always open for good FREELANCE and jobs, collaborations, projects.  Send your email here