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O   O  O  O Typo5 is a young project from young people, that pretends  contribute to a new movement of design, encourage to other people to express themselfs  in a creative way and make an aport to the world of design and type design. (redundant?) O  O   O  O

Trought typo5 i can throw out my stuff and show my work, and the fact that people can see them make´s me feel good. But the fact that poeple can get in any way influenced by this work just like happen to me make´s me ansious, because one gets influenced by many factors, on a walk on the streets you can see many things that may impress you, weird people, clothes, music,  the movies, internet, friends, etc, etc, etc, and all those things that you   feel  start to get stuck in your head, but you got to let them out. How? that´s your problem.


Maybe not all the material on this site turns experimental for everybody, but surely it is for me. When i get bored of explore some area, i´ll just go by other way.

In order to make an aport, throught Typo 5 you can get  fonts, some of them free and some not . There´s not much fonts for now, eventually the library will grow up with more fonts from me and  from other people. O  O  O ( if you think you have something interesting click here and send a sample of the font or the artwork or whatever ).




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