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O  O   O  O actually iīm  studying graphic design  on  the Jorge Tadeo Lozano university, and i like what i do very much. i really enjoy it.  But i like other things like comics, listen music (molotov, lenny kravitz, eric clapton, bla,bla,bla..

Thatīs not so important, really. I wanna make a mencion of several influences in my life and in my way to express me graphicaly, or just things that i think are important and deserve to take a look.

O  O   O  O on influences, i mean poeple, or works that inspired me and encouraged to get more involved with design, like Jay David and the sound of print,  Peter Bruhn from fountain, are some influences that i canīt denial, cause i canīt pretend that iīve started from nothing (zero) O  O  O  O  O O O

Just a year ago i had a diferent vision of the design, the type design and the world that involve them. I was interested in no traditional things, but i donīt had the medios to explore. Ididnīt even know how to use a computer correctly.  when i discovered the internet and start to get involved with it, i could see the huge dimension of type design, and   i get really interested about it, so i keep on exploring. I have learned a lot since then, and improved my vision of design.

If you have any questions, comments, feel the same about design, or the opposite, or wanna talk about something, click here.

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